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Working For You.

Sigma Pensions, one of the leading PFAs in Nigeria, recruited Platform Branding to rebrand and relaunch them as the company had taken on new strategic partners, had changed their vision, mission and target segment and needed a new identity to reflect this.


There was a lack of consistency in Sigma Pension’s visual identity and no clear client value propositions or positioning. The company faced fierce competition in the race for market share. Brand quality, innovation and quality service delivery are critical for the survival of any PFA, so Sigma Pensions needed to rebrand and relaunch while adopting new strategies to engage the new demographics they were targeting.

It became more imperative with their new partnership with ActisGolf Nigeria Limited. The focus was to position Sigma Pensions as a TRUSTED BRAND WITHIN THE PENSION INDUSRTY OFFERING SUPERIOR WEALTH MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS.


Sigma did not just need their brand identity changed, they needed an agency the could deliver on the rebranding process from B to B and B to C and also internal engagement with the staff.

Using both digital and traditional advertising channels, Sigma Pensions wanted to achieve the following:

  • Reinforce stakeholders’ trust in Sigma Pensions.
  • Endear themselves to a younger audience by injecting youth/dynamism into the Sigma Pensions brand.
  • While not alienating older customers in this process - continue to reassure of Sigma’s Trust, Competence, Professionalism and dependability.
  • Showcase Sigma Pension‘s innovative products and services.
  • Increase Brand awareness.
  • Ultimately increase market share.

We did a complete overhaul with a new brand identity, vision, mission, and values. Positioned the brand as a strong, trustworthy and customer-focused brand. Developed. a new Brand Identity that showcases what the new brand stands for

We also designed and handled all the creative, advertising campaign execution, unveiling launch, installation of over signage across Nigeria, internal engagement, sales and marketing materials for the new brands

We came up with a Big Idea/Positioning for the brand “Here for you”, and a new tagline, “working for you” which summarizes the new brand’s focus that it is all about the customers and the messaging of the need to start saving early for the future.

Overall we built a brand that is aspirational and trusted. That is appealing to the youth whilst still embodying Sigma Pensions’ track record and reputation.


The new brand identity and positioning led to a clear, concise and compelling brand that captures the company’s values. The new messaging supports the company’s focus and aspiration to be a National brand. The result is that Sigma Pensions is now one of the top three pension fund administrators in Nigeria.

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