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Personal branding helps you align every part of your life with your values, goals and strengths and the way you choose to communicate your personal brand to your customers/clients can either make or break your business.

Personal branding is the process of developing the strategy and actions to guide your brand. Successful people know that impressions matter in every circumstance. You must be consistent with your actions, words and appearances so that every person you interact with carries away a similar impression. Making a consistent positive impression on people will help you achieve your goal. Personal branding involves managing your reputation, style, look, attitude and skill set. It requires a concerted, strategic and active effort to describe, position and promote how your skills and expertise are relevant and uniquely able to solve a client’s problems.

Step one is to figure out your brand
  • ■ What are your values, strengths and skills?

  • ■ Who is your target audience, what do they need from you?

  • ■ Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?

  • ■ Get to know yourself by self-examination and getting feedback from others because branding is a combination of how you present yourself and how others see you

  • ■ You can distinguish yourself by creating an image and reputation that set you apart; build trust among people you want to serve and represent the true authentic you. Writing a personal brand profile spells out your unique promise of value, which is the promise you make to your target audience that your brand can fulfil.

  • ■ Your target audience are the people who need to know about you and what you have to offer. You cannot appeal to everyone.

Communicate your brand
  • ■ Your brand should highlight your unique promise of value, that is the promise that you make to your target market that your brand can fulfil, then communicate it with clarity, consistency and constancy.

  • ■ The best ways are through writing and speaking, write your story, communicate your brand online.

  • ■ Control every part of your world that your target audience may encounter: including your appearance, body language, marketing materials (business cards, website, social media.

  • ■ The quality of your marketing collateral is extremely important because it supports visually what you are trying to say about yourself verbally.

Shape your identity
  • ■ Identify your mission in life

  • ■ Identify your strengths, values, passion, goals.

  • ■ Find your support, know what you don’t know and get the help with what you need to move forward.

  • ■ Join a group of like-minded people, distinguish yourself in whatever field you have chosen, Invest in yourself, formally and informally.

Own your Niche
  • ■ Create your niche, by picking a specific area that you want to be great at and claiming it.

  • ■ Ask yourself what problems you are good at solving, don’t try to serve everybody or you will have no defined niche and won’t be known for anything.

  • ■ Become an expert, write articles, speak and do what it takes to be known in that niche.

  • ■ Build your expertise in your chosen area, then package, position and promote that expertise to the marketplace.

Differentiate your Brand
  • ■ Tell your unique story that is relevant and memorable

  • ■ When you do the same thing as your competitors and there is no real differentiation you are just a commodity.

  • ■ When you distinguish yourself as a strong brand people will pay a premium to work with you.

  • ■ Find out what you competitors are missing, what market are you targeting, what tactics do they use etc.

Build your Network
  • ■ Who you know is just as important as what you know.

  • ■ Give to your network by sharing resources, information and introducing people to each other.

  • ■ Ask how you can help others, include and collaborate.

  • ■ Be part of professional association meetings, conferences, social groups, participate in activities, volunteer, speak at events, be active online.

Build your Network
  • 1. People already know about you, so less time is spent persuading clients to retain you.

  • 2. Developing your brand benefits your enterprise too.

  • 3. Makes relations with potential clients easier.

  • 4. Leadership opportunities, people will follow you.

  • 5. Attracts the right opportunities.

  • 6. Constant flow of profitable clients.

  • 7. More mind-share and easy client recall.

  • 8. Rewarding partnerships.

  • 9. You are associated with expertise

  • 10. Higher perceived value.

  • 11. Greater credibility.

Focus on developing a personal brand that is authentic and unique to reap these benefits. It is usually difficult to evaluate the impact of your own brand this is where we come in. Our branding strategies are designed to differentiate you in the marketplace and increase your bottom line, we help develop or refine your branding strategy to ensure your brand supports it.

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