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According to Strategic marketing communication; by Smith, Berry and Pulford the four Cs of branding are:

  • Clear – The Brand value must be easily understood. consumers of a product need to get the clear value that has prompted them to choose that particular brand over other competing brands. Brand value should clearly define, it should highlight consumer benefits, your reason for being and must be communicated clearly also.

  • Concise - Simple messaging of brand, this explains the ability of the product to sell itself without much promotion. The brand should have a meaning to your specific target group or market and be relevant to them.

  • Consistent - The emotional benefit of the brand must be reliable and constant if consumers notice a slight change in the product in question, they will turn from patronizing the product. Also, continuous advertising and other forms of promotion should be a way to ensure consistency. Make sure that you evaluate all the touch points by which customers encounter your brand; from your website, to your emails, business cards, how you answer the telephone etc it must align with your brand as much as possible.

  • Competitive – A brand should be distinctly positioned in order to be able to compete with other brands. It should possess certain features that will stand out among other competing brands in the market place. In an industry with intense competition, brand design and Trademarks should be protected in the present and potential market and brand value should be developed to make the imitation of products difficult.

At Platform we are all about supporting Nigerian Businesses. It is usually difficult to evaluate the impact of your own brand this is where we come in. Our branding strategies are designed to differentiate you in the marketplace and increase your bottom line, we help develop or refine your branding strategy to ensure your brands support it.

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